If you’ve ever wanted to know what gear your friends or favorite musician is using, RigShare is the place to find out! RigShare is an online community where any musician can signup and share their rig with the entire world. Musicians can create rigs of current gear being used or past rigs that were used during concerts, tours, or even a recording project.

Who we are as a company

RigShare is a social community created to connect  musicians. Our company is focused on helping musicians share the music gear they love with friends and followers around the world. RigShare connects brands with artists and musicians to gain insight on how to continue developing music products that musicians will love.

How does it work?

For Everyone

Anyone can create an account on RigShare and follow their favorite musicians to keep up with their gear collection and posts. Users will have a feed that displays posts from other users they are following. Users can like, comment, and share posts on RigShare and to other social media platforms.


Musicians build rigs by tagging equipment from within the RigShare Gear Database. Easily share feedback on gear by writing “one-liners” for others to read. Share posts with your followers to showcase your rig setup during live events, recording sessions, or even at a rehearsal.


Brands can use RigShare to showcase gear and spread the word of new releases. Via access to the gear database, brands will add and modify the gear users will tag into their rigs/profile. RigShare gives a unique opportunity for brands to get an inside look at what musicians are saying about their gear from all over the world.

Music Studios

Looking for a music studio in your area for your next project? RigShare has a marketplace of music studios that is the perfect place to start your search. Book time at a music studio that will offer a unique experience for your next project.