RigShare is an inviting community for music gear lovers. Together we are building the world’s largest gear database, sharing our knowledge and insights about gear we love, and inspiring each other with new musical ideas.

Gear Database

Our ever-growing database can be used to discover new products, musicians using a certain product, watch product demos, ask questions, and learn about similar products. We’ve joined forces with our community to crowdsource existing information and create new interactive ways to explore gear. Together we can help each other discover great gear and make informed purchases.

Can’t find your gear in our database? Just send us a Gear Suggestion, and we’ll get it added.


What’s so great about our community? We’re a friendly bunch of musicians, artists, and music gear brands from all over the world learning together. Musicians on RigShare are asking and answering questions about products when they have issues, need help, or just to see if a product is a good fit for their rig. Our members are also sharing honest and helpful feedback about products to help you with your next gear purchase.


Share your gear collection on your profile with your followers. Using “rigs”, you can group your gear any way you want in an interactive and shareable format.


Write posts with images & links to share with the RigShare Community. Coming Soon: Post Videos of you playing your gear!


Explore posts, images, and videos from brands, musicians, and hashtags you follow. You’ll also see content based on your gear collection and products you like.

Gear Questions

Have a question about your gear? Asking questions about a product enables other members of the RigShare Community who use the product to see your question and provide you with their insight.


On RigShare, you’ll find gear reviews to be short, simple, and easy to read; we call these One-Liners. If you find a review to be helpful, you can upvote it so that more users can see it as well.


Dive into deeper conversations with your followers through direct messaging. It’s the perfect way to ask more specific questions about someone’s rig.

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