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Create a profile with a unique username. With your profile, you can share basic information about yourself such as name, bio, location, gear you use, and website. Customize your profile by uploading a profile and a header image.

Gear Database

Everyday, the RigShare gear database is growing. Search our database to find the gear you play and add it to your rig. If you can’t find a product, use our Suggest Feature to provide some basic info and we’ll get it added for you! Use the gear database to search any gear and see who else is using it in their rig.


Create rigs to organize and group the various gear that you play. Other users will be able to view your rigs and see the gear that you like to play.


On your feed, you will see content that is relevant to you based on things like who you are following and the type of gear you have in your rig. Comment on posts that show up in your feed. Like posts from other users and brands. Share posts from other users and brands for your followers to see.

Gear Questions

Have a question about your gear? Posting Gear Questions to products enables other members of the RigShare Community with the same product in their rig to see your question and provide you with their insight.

One-Liner Reviews

Reviews can sometimes be long and dreadful to read. On RigShare, you’ll find gear reviews to be short, simple, and easy to read in the form of One-Liners. Read One-Liners from others to gain insight for yourself. If you find a review to be helpful, you can upvote it so that more users can see it as well.


Write posts with images & links to share with the RigShare Community. Coming Soon: Post Videos of you playing your gear!


Follow your favorite music gear brands on RigShare. Like, comment, and share their content. Keep up with announcements for new gear releases as well as giveaways. Tag and mention brands in your posts.


Follow other users to see their latest posts, the new gear they add to their rigs, and all the gear they are currently playing. You will receive suggestions of others to follow based on who is relevant to you.