RigShare is a social network where musicians can share the gear they are using with the world. It’s also a great place to join in on conversations about music gear with the rest of our growing community. Since we’ve launched, our goal has been to create new and unique ways for our users to interact with other like-minded musicians while discussing topics that matter to our community. We want to talk about other two ways you can do that apart from sharing posts.


If you’re like us, you’re purchasing new music gear often, and we all know how important product reviews are in the buying process. They allow us to read into the experiences of other buyers to determine if that product will be a good fit. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to read through hundreds of product reviews, some even 2-3 paragraphs long that may not provide any useful information.

To solve this problem, we’ve created a new type of review system on RigShare that will help you cut through the noise and get quick and honest feedback. One-liners are clear and concise reviews. On each product page, users can easily write a one-liner of their own, read existing ones, and cast up or down votes. When you write a one-liner, you can also choose an emotion that portrays how you feel while writing the one-liner.



Each product page has a questions section where users can seek answers to questions about gear. Wondering how to use a product? What settings are other musicians using to get a particular sound? Or have a technical question that you’d like to ask the rest of the community? Ask away, and other RigShare users can chime in with their insight and experiences.



One-liners and gear questions are a great way for users to interact with the entire RigShare community. Connect with other gear nerds and talk about the gear you love. Be sure to drop some one-liners and questions/answers on your favorite products today!


Glad you asked!

If you haven't heard, RigShare just launched. We are currently working on a mobile app, and while we can't share an exact launch date, we plan on launching our mobile app very soon. Be sure to follow us on social media for an official announcement.

We're working on a world-class mobile app for RigShare that will allow you to do everything you can do on our web app today, but with a user experience that is optimized for your phone. While you can take RigShare with you anywhere today, we know that many will benefit from some native features like better camera support, push notifications, and offline support.

Why Web First?

We made the intentional decision to launch with our web app first for a few key reasons:

  • Web apps can be deployed easily and without delay
    Our startup is pretty lean, with a culture that likes to ship it quick and keep the user feedback loop tight. With that in mind, our initial roadmap is pretty fierce and requires a fast pace of releases. This will allow us to test our infrastructure, refine our user experience, and release new features while continuing to gather feedback. Releasing to the mobile app stores is a much slower process which would not allow us to move as fast we need to right now.
  • Web apps are universal
    Early on, we thought it would be important not to worry about who can use our platform based on their device. With our web app, we are able to immediately serve a larger audience without having to worry about testing multiple platforms.

We hope that you will continue to use RigShare while we build our mobile app. In the meantime you can also try adding RigShare to your phone's home screen.


Hello friends!

Today we are very happy to announce the official launching of RigShare! We are an early-stage company building an interactive web/mobile app that will allow musicians to share their gear and connect with other musicians, artists & brands they love.

RigShare is a niche social network created for musicians. It’s an online community where all things gear related can be shared and discussed. Users on our app can add music gear they own to their rig, ask questions and rate products, and follow friends. While we are launching the web portion of our app today, we will be launching the mobile app in weeks to come.

Our team is still working on curating our gear database, so if you don't find the gear you are looking for, just send us a suggestion, and we'll get it added quickly. Over the next few weeks, we'll also be launching a long list of new features that will allow you to better connect with other musicians and to share your gear in some pretty unique ways. All new features and product announcements will be posted here on our blog.

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