Universal Audio, known as a leader in Thunderbolt audio interfaces, analog recording hardware, and their wide range of UAD plugins, is entering the microphone market. They just announced their first of many new microphones soon to be released – the SD-1 Standard Dynamic.


This is a very interesting move by the company as it was just about a year ago that they announced they were entering the guitar pedal market with three new pedals: the Astra Modulation Machine, Golden Reverberator, and Starlight Echo Station. All high-quality and unique guitar pedals.


Here are some of the key features of the SD-1 Standard:

  • Dynamic studio vocal microphone with low cut and articulation boost
  • Cardioid polar pattern rejects off‑axis sounds and room noise
  • Flat frequency response (50 Hz–16 kHz) for natural‑sounding recordings
  • Shape vocals and instruments with SD‑1 Apollo Channel Strip Presets
  • Internal shockmount reduces low‑end rumble and mechanical noise
  • Rear-mounted XLR jack for easy cable management
  • Built-in windscreen reduces plosives and breath noise
  • Quality UA craftsmanship and stylish, rugged build

The SD-1 Standard, despite its white finish and sleek modern design, looks very similar to the Shure SM7B in terms of its housing, form factor, and placement of controls and rear-mounted XLR jack. However, the SD-1 Standard is $100 cheaper than its competitors, priced at $299.

SM7BSD-1 Standard
Microphone TypeDynamicDynamic
Polar PatternDynamicDynamic
Frequency Response50Hz-20kHz
Frequency Range50Hz-16kHz
Output Impedance150 ohms200 ohms
Sensitivity-59 dBV/Pa-58dB (1.3mV)
Low Cut FilterBass Roll off200Hz

In addition to saving you some money, this microphone has a very unique value add when paired with Universal Audio’s Apollo audio interfaces. These microphones come with a suite of presets that you can pull up to get radio-ready EQ and compression settings for vocals, guitars, and broadcasts.

In 2022, the SD-1 is going to be a great option for recording vocals, instruments, podcasts, and livestreams. You should definitely check this product out if you are looking for a great quality microphone with crisp sound for your recording projects.

Universal Audio has more microphones coming soon, so if you want to stay in the loop please consider creating an account on RigShare to be in the know.