At RigShare, we are building a community where musicians can share their favorite music gear and the stories behind them. As musicians, we are always creating unique stories with our music gear, whether on stage, in the studio, on tour, or wherever we are playing. The saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Fortunately, you won’t have to write a thousand words on RigShare, but you will still be able to tell that same story.

Since we’ve launched, multiple users have expressed a desire to be able to post their own images when adding their gear. We agree, as all gear is not the same. And so today, we are announcing the ability to add custom images for each user’s gear on RigShare! Custom images allow you to share the unique attributes of your gear, like the color, finish, customizations, etc. We’ve also re-designed the way your gear is displayed to increase interaction with your followers. We’ve made it easier for your followers to comment, like, and share your gear.

Now, we know some of you are thinking, “What do I do if I have a drumset with numerous pieces?” or, “What if I have a bunch of studio gear that I’m recording with?” We’re stoked for our new “Rigs” feature coming soon that will be the answer to those questions. Stay tuned!

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