Hey gear friends! We’ve received some great feature requests from the RigShare Community. One of the most popular  feature requests was to organize gear in collections, and we want you to know that we’re listening! Today, we are excited to release “Rigs” on RigShare!

It’s not uncommon for a musician to have a lot of different gear. Between live performances, studio sessions, and practicing at home, the gear can really start to pile up. With rigs, you now have the freedom to group your gear however you want.

If you’re a guitar player with multiple pedalboards, you can now group your main board and your fly rig separately. Play more than one instrument? With the new Rigs feature you also have the flexibility to group your gear based on the instruments you play. Last but not least, use the drag and reorder feature to move items around within your rigs!

To learn more about Rigs, take a look at our documentation here.

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