1. Xotic Pedals SP Compressor

Featuring great compressor tones like vintage, subtle, modern and more, the SP Compressor is a simple, yet very flexible compression pedal. It has true bypass for when this pedal is not in use, and it can be used with either an ac adaptor or 9 volt battery. All of this power fits in a small housing that can fit on any pedalboard.

Xotic Pedals SP Compressor

2. Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor

The Deep Six Compressor V2 still remains a popular pedal on many pedalboards. It takes inspiration from the Universal Audio Classic 1176 Compressor. With level control, sustain, attack, and blend, true bypass, and more, this pedal gives you all the versatility of a great compression pedal. Even though we are featuring the Version 2, be sure to check out the updated Deep Six Compressor V3.

3. Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer

By boosting lower signals and compressing higher ones, the Boss CS-3 helps you get the most out of your sound. This pedal will give you smooth sustain and an even string response for both guitar and bass, making this a great “always on” pedal to put at the beginning of your signal chain. 

4. Origin Effects Cali 76 Compact Deluxe

All the functionality of a Cali76 Standard is built right into this smaller sized enclosure making it easy to fit on even the most heavily occupied pedalboards. The Cali76 Compact Deluxe is a studio-grade compressor that is versatile enough to bring out the best tone of any instrument. Control attack, ratio, and release parameters all help precisely fine tune the compression of your signal.

5. MXR Pedals Dyna Comp

The Dyna Comp is an easy to use compressor pedal. The typical compression parameters of threshold, ratio, attack, and release controls are all integrated into one knob for quick and easy adjustment. It brings a classic type compression sound to your signal removing signal spikes and smoothing out your sound.

6. Jackson Audio Bloom

Featuring an optical limiting circuit, the Bloom pedal is inspired by compressors designed during the golden age of vacuum tube circuits. The Bloom can go to the extremes of signal compression if desired, but its best work is done when being used for subtle compression. It rounds off rough edges very well providing a sound that has a warm and responsive tone. 

7. Keeley Electronics Compressor Plus

The Keeley Compressor Plus is one of the most well known compressor pedals out there. Not only is it great at compressing peaks in your signal, but it also has an amazing expander that adds gain to lower notes giving more life to your sound. Whether you want heavy compression or subtle control of your sound, the Compressor Plus pedal will do exactly what you need out of a compression pedal.

8. TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor

This classic compressor will give you vintage dynamics control with endless sustain. It’s built in an all metal chassis making it very durable. The Forcefield Compressor features true bypass and is considered a studio-grade compressor pedal. This pedal holds true to great signal integrity and high quality tone.

9. Mooer Yellow Comp

The Yellow Comp is a great optical compressor pedal that rounds edges smoothly. Built in an all metal shell, it’s also very small in size making it easy to fit on any pedal board. It features true bypass, and it distinguishes itself as a compressor pedal with more emphasis on sustain of higher frequencies. 

10. Wampler Ego Compressor

The Ego Compressor was designed to give you the feel of what a tube amp sounds like, all while avoiding coloration of your sound. This pedal does a great job of incorporating a clean blend, retaining the original signal dynamics, and providing great control making this a great “always on” pedal to have.

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