Andrew Tatum


I'm a guitarist of more than 25 years. Musically, I tend to focus on both atmospheric, layered tones in some contexts as well as more "straight-forward" blues/rock sounds.


Raleigh, NC

I’m thinking of sticking with the Metro16 for now. Smaller form factor works for the local blues jams I’ve been playing lately.
My Pedaltrain Classic 1 and Metro 16 boards with my new Fender Blues Jr. IV. This is the most pleased I have been with a pedalboard setup recently.
These are my current "tools of the trade". - Fender Custom Vibrolux Amp from the mid-90's. - Strat-style partscaster (w/ Seymour Duncans in HSH configuration) - Chemistry Design Works Zig Pedalboard with pedals shown. - Lowden O-25 - Gibson Memphis Custom 335
This was a great sounding setup. I've since gone back to a Fender Vibrolux and a much smaller pedalboard but this served me well for a little while.