Glad you asked!

If you haven’t heard, RigShare just launched. We are currently working on a mobile app, and while we can’t share an exact launch date, we plan on launching our mobile app very soon. Be sure to follow us on social media for an official announcement.

We’re working on a world-class mobile app for RigShare that will allow you to do everything you can do on our web app today, but with a user experience that is optimized for your phone. While you can take RigShare with you anywhere today, we know that many will benefit from some native features like better camera support, push notifications, and offline support.

Why Web First?

We made the intentional decision to launch with our web app first for a few key reasons:

  • Web apps can be deployed easily and without delay
    Our startup is pretty lean, with a culture that likes to ship it quick and keep the user feedback loop tight. With that in mind, our initial roadmap is pretty fierce and requires a fast pace of releases. This will allow us to test our infrastructure, refine our user experience, and release new features while continuing to gather feedback. Releasing to the mobile app stores is a much slower process which would not allow us to move as fast we need to right now.
  • Web apps are universal
    Early on, we thought it would be important not to worry about who can use our platform based on their device. With our web app, we are able to immediately serve a larger audience without having to worry about testing multiple platforms.

We hope that you will continue to use RigShare while we build our mobile app. In the meantime you can also try adding RigShare to your phone’s home screen.