Drum Machines And Samplers

Roland TR-08 Rhythm Composer on RigShare

The TR-08 is an obsessively detailed and faithful replica of the legendary TR-808—easily the most famous and influential drum machine ever made. After creating a monumental shift in the sound of music, the “808” has continued to shape and d...

Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer Vintage Drum Machine on RigShare

With its warm toned strip of colorful sequencing buttons and tweakable banks of knobs, the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is quite possibly the most iconic drum machine of all time. Featuring a booming kick, sharp snare, tunable toms and a v...

Native Instruments Maschine Studio on RigShare

Ultimate beatmaking system with unprecedented physical control. The smoothest workflow, and the most tactile, responsive hardware in the industry.

Björn Colliander

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Latin Percussion Castanet Machine on RigShare

The LP Castanet Machine mounts dual castanets on a 3/8" rod for convenient playing. LP Castanets are made from a specially formulated material for great sound and ultimate durability.

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