Guitar Heads

A guitar head is a powered amplifier that receives input signal and amplifies it to be sent to a speaker cabinet. Guitar head amplifiers can be solid state, tube amps, or a combination of both. Having a good quality amp is just as important as the quality of your speaker cabinet in order to maintain a great sounding tone.

Benson Amps Earhart 15 Watt on RigShare

The 15 watt Earhart is our side hug to the top boost style of amplifier. Not being into the whole clone thing, we took part of the tone stack from the original 60s design, modified it, and dovetailed into the Monarch platform retaining som...

David Leøng

1 Rig

Benson Amps Monarch 15 Watt on RigShare

The Monarch is the flagship Benson Amp. It features a unique British-American switch, simple yet highly versatile controls, and perfect range of power to be used both cleanly and pushed on the stage and studio without wearing out its welco...

Brandon Sessler
Kristopher Criado

2 Rigs

Jackson Ampworks Atlantic 4.0 on RigShare

The Atlantic 4.0™ is the most flexible “Trainwreck Style” amp ever built and is our tribute to one of the greatest guitar amplifier designers of all time, Ken Fischer. Designed as an extremely touch sensitive “players amp”, the Atlantic 4.0...

Jameson Allen
Rusty Allen
Daniel Shauger

3 Rigs

Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 on RigShare

The Britain 4.0™ is the smallest, most flexible and portable British style guitar amplifier ever made! With 4 distinct power settings and two blendable channels, the Britain 4.0 offers more tone and more value than any amp ever made!

Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 30 MKII on RigShare

The NewCastle MKII builds upon the NewCastle 30 by adding the BODY control that we developed for the original McFly! We’ve added this feature to a couple of NewCastle 30’s over the years and this mod made a great amp even better! We also pe...

1 Rig

Jackson Ampworks Scarlett 30 MKII on RigShare

The Scarlett 30™ is the first signature amp we’ve ever done and is the culmination of our collaboration with Nigel Hendroff from Hillsong Church in Australia. Nigel Hendroff is one of the most influential guitarists in the history of Christ...

Daniel Shauger
Drake Barker

2 Rigs

Jackson Ampworks El Guapo on RigShare

The El Guapo™ is a Two Channel 100W Plexi/High Gain Monster! Designed on the foundation of our favorite model of Vintage Plexi, the El Guapo features thick and articulate cleans that drip with harmonic richness, and reaches into the future ...

Jackson Ampworks The McFly MKII on RigShare

The McFly from Jackson Ampworks is the first amplifier to be released in our new American Series line and is our take on the best sounding and most flexible Tweed Style amp ever made. For the first time ever, you can get authentic Tweed era...

Daniel Shauger

1 Rig

Jackson Ampworks Britain 30 MKII on RigShare

The Britain 30 MKII™ is the latest incarnation of our highly successful ‘Britain’ series of amps. Designed to augment the Britain series of amps with features that players have been requesting for years, the Britain 30 MKII takes the incred...

Jackson Ampworks Fullerton on RigShare

The Fullerton! This amp is everything the Princeton should have been and more. 2. 12ax7 2. 12at7 preamp section, 4 6v6 power section for a switchable 40 or 20 watts of classic american tone. The layout for this classic beauty is, Volume, 3 ...

1 Rig

Port City Amps Pearl Head on RigShare

With a simple set of useful controls, a single master volume, and 50 or 100 watts of clean headroom, the Pearl head is an incredibly versatile amplifier designed to lay a rich tonal foundation for every type of guitarist. Whether it's being...

1 Rig

Port City Amps Soulstice on RigShare

The Soulstice is a result of a long awaited collaboration with one of our favorite songwriters and guitarists - David Ryan Harris. Named after his 2003 solo release, the Soulstice is a feature-packed amplifier that performs exceptionally we...

3rd Power The Kitchen Sink on RigShare

Hand-built in Nashville, TN, The Kitchen Sink Boasts Blendable American and AC Cleans, Hotrodded Plexi tones and so much more… The KITCHEN SINK amplifier represents 3rd Power’s response to customer demand over the past ten years. It poss...

3rd Power British Dream MKII on RigShare

The BRITISH DREAM MKII amplifier represents 3rd Power’s take on what a modern interpretation of a vintage amplifier should be. It possesses the soul and fire of these legendary vintage amplifiers but now with modern features and a rejuvenat...

3rd Power Citizen Gain on RigShare

The 40w Citizen Gain represents 3rd Power’s take on higher-gain British tones. The Citizen Gain responds to your touch like a bigger amp yet delivers your tone at practical volume levels thanks to our patented HybridMASTER. Our tube buffere...

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