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Feedback on Strymon's BigSky

What do you like the most about the BigSky? What keeps you playing it?
Strymon BigSky on RigShare
  • Jameson Allen
    It’s just so expansive and epic... every time I sit down to build new patches its freaking fun and I find new weird sounds. Endless.
  • Filemon Wijaya
    Cloud and Bloom are most epic reverb algorithms ever. Out of this world. Immersive!

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Makers of fine music electronics and effects pedals. Strymon wants to build products with no compromises and push the limits of technology in music. If you're using strymon gear, create a profile and add them to your rig.

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Rusty Allen
Alin Dragu
Clayton Murray
Jameson Allen
Justin Carter
Adam Bright


Cloud setting is my go to on this pedal.

· krcriado · 5 months ago


A three dimensional journey into the world of reverb. Love it.

· verbaholic · 7 months ago


A must have for ambient music. I love most Magneto rev type

· pseudoambient · 5 months ago