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What kind of software does this come with?

Interested to know if it has some sort of editor to manage and organize presets and peform deep editing functions.


Is this just as good as the original Boss Slow Gear?

Would this be a good choice for an auto swell? Used to own a Line 6 DL4 and the auto swell was my favorite setting. It's what I miss the most about it. Does the Crescendo match up?


Is this is a durable power supply?

I like the size of this power supply, but don't see a lot of people using it. Would love to hear from some folks that have used one for a while.
  • Andrew Tatum
    I had one and found it durable but noisy. The MXR Iso Brick, however, is both durable and basically noiseless.
  • Jesse Flores
    This is my first power supply and is still on my board today after 4-5 years. Its been great other than for my Strymon pedals. I’ve had to get an Ojai to power my Strymons but everything else has worked just fine with this. I definitely would recommend this for analog and even (most) digital pedals. It has served me well.
  • ScottyMaccoinich
    BBE Supa-Charger. Great value.
    • Thiery Laverdure
      Thanks! First time i've heard of the Supa-Charger. Just when you thought you've done all your research there is still more out there.
      • ScottyMaccoinich
        It’s every bit as good as any others out there! Easily powers and isolates all my pedals.


Version 3 upgrade anyone?

Anyone thinking about upgrading to the new Deep Six Compressor? It has a new tone know to shape low end. Check it out!
  • David Leøng
    I would, because I love Walrus, but I have no need for compression.
  • Drake Barker
    I had a Deep Six, sold it and got a Bloom, and I just went back to the Deep Six V.3 Because the Deep Six is my favorite compression


Strymon Timeline

Anyone know how to setup a delay for doing solos? I mainly play Worship/Praise. And how to setup a dotted 8 delay. Thanks for the help in advance
  • Strymon
    Hi Anthony, If you just want a standard clean dotted 8th delay, use the DIGITAL algorithm. Turn GRIT and FILTER all the way off, and in the PARAMS menu, set the TAPDIV parameter to "dotted." Set the SMEAR parameter to off, and turn RPTDYN off as well. This will give you a clean dotted 8th note delay. Thanks :)


Good first delay pedal?

I'm thinking of getting a Flashback 2 as my first delay pedal. It appears versatile and it has multiple delay types so I'm able to see what I actually like. Is this a good way of thinking?
  • Thiery Laverdure
    Yeah I think you’re right on. I used to play one of these for a while. I would have kept it if I could have saved presets and controlled changes via midi. Great sounding delay though with tons to explore!
  • null


Should the Dry knob make noise in the signal while turning it?

Does anyone one else’s @origineffects Cali76 CD dry knob make a lot of noise when turning it? Sounds like a scratchy pot, but for some reason I thought that’s typical of some knobs like those... there’s no noise when playing. It’s only during turning the knob.
  • Nicholas Kirk
    Mine doesn't. Could be a dirty/bad pot?
  • RigShare
  • Origin Effects
    Hey. Some of our controls carry DC on the pot which can make a scratchy sound when turned. If the pot seems to be functioning correctly apart from that noise when turned, then I would assume that there is no fault.
    • Jameson Allen
      Good to know! Seems to work just fine, just noisy when turning dry knob.


What do you love about the Strat?

Tell us, what makes the Stratocaster stand out amongst the rest?
  • Lee Baker
    A classic, what I love is how many amazing songs were recorded on this guitar and the fact that you can recognize the sound of it so easily.
  • Jameson Allen
    It’s a one of a kind musical icon. There’s nothing like it! And so versatile. I hope to always have one, at least borrowable nearby if I can’t own it :)
  • Chris Barnes
    Chris Barnes
    The unique sound is so identifiable, but for me personally, cranking out some SRV sounds on my neck pup is where the love for my Strat comes from .. I can’t get that sound anywhere else.
  • Nicholas Kirk
    It's all about the sound. It's the most unique sounding electric guitar IMO. Instantly recognizable. Most electric guitars sound like, well, electric guitars- but a Stratocaster sounds like a Stratocaster. God bless you, Leo Fender.
  • Noah Bennett
    Love the crisp tone when it is on the bridge pickup!
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Why the Lightspeed?

What is it about the lightspeed that made you choose it for your rig?