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What do you like most about the Polytune 2 mini? How does it compare to others?
TC Electronic Polytune 2 Mini on RigShare
TC Electronic
Polytune 2 Mini
  • Richard Gatton
    3 words - clear, small, strobe
  • Noah Bennett
    The simplicity of the pedal is the best part
  • David Leøng
    Tuners are utility pedals, and therefore have no reason to be bigger than this. There are other mini tuners out there, but the polytune function is a gamechanger. The whole thing is super sexy too.

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Richard Gatton
Zach Zook
Nic Guptill
Nic Guptill
Jay Szalay
Ryan D
Jason “Pic” Reed


Simple, fast and small!

· laurensbronsveld · 2 months ago