Grow Your Music Business

As a platform, RigShare is the ideal place for music studios to connect with musicians and artists. Get started today to find new clients.

Studio Listing

Your studio will be officially listed on our Studios page. On your listing, you can provide information about your studio, an image gallery, set your studio hours and rules.

Booking Tools

Our platform will help you connect with musicians and book studio time right from your listing. You’ll have control over the hourly rate you charge and when musicians can book time.

Secure Payments

We make it as easy as possible for your clients to book time and pay online. Once payment has been securely processed you’ll receive a payout within 2 business days.

Messaging System

Coming Soon

With our messaging system, you can speak directly with musicians and artsists to answer questions about your studio.

How do I get started?

It’s free and easy to create a listing for your studio on RigShare. Describe your studio, add some photos and details.

Guests can book your studio and are charged before arrival, and you are paid automatically after check in, minus a 5% service fee. What you charge your clients is up to you.

Studio Listing

Service Fee:
5% per booking
Currently only available in the U.S


About RigShare

RigShare is a social network for music lovers. Every day our app is used by musicians all over the world to explore and share gear through a unique experience. On RigShare musicians are sharing posts, adding gear to their rigs, and sharing knowledge with one another within our community.

Studios can create an account on RigShare for free, share posts, and add gear to their own rig. Our platform also provides tools to manage booking studio time, securely process payments, and directly market to an audience that wants to engage with your content.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
Getting started is easy. After you have created an account for your studio, you’ll also need to create a free listing. Once you have done so you’ll be able to accept booking requests, payments, and take advantage of our marketing tools.

What is the difference between a profile and listing for my studio?
A profile represents a user account on RigShare, which you can create for your studio. With your profile, you can share posts and the gear you are using at your studio. In addition, creating a listing for your studio allows you to market your studio in our listings and receive booking requests.

How do bookings  work?
When your studio has a listing, users will be able request a booking time based on the availability that you provide. They simply fill out a short form to send you a request. You can either accept or decline the request and if accepted the user can submit payment.

How do cancellations work?
RigShare has a standard cancellation policy that all studios and artists should follow. The renter may contact us to request a cancellation, however certain cancellation fees will apply depending on the time of cancellation. For more information, please take a look at our cancellation policy.

Have more questions for us?

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