Eric Carroll
If you were gonna hook these all up, how would you do it? The A/B/Y will go out to a Blues Jr. & a Micro Terror (into a Laney 2x12). The Trio will go out to the A/B/Y and the mixer-out will go in to a small Yamaha Powered Speaker. I have had it set up with the Wah after the A/B/Y only going to one amp. I have never messed with the looper. I rarely use the boost but thought it may come in handy with the looper? Planet Waves PW-CT-04 tuner Live Wire Solutions ABY1 ABY Box Ernie Ball wah Quinnamp Dirt & Ernie (boost w/ dirt) Ammoon Pock Loop DigiTech Trio band creator + FX3 footswitch
Not quite all of them.