Huang, Wei-Fan
Vintage JC-55 I found it in an ordinary second-hand store in Japan. Interestingly, since it is not a musical instrument store, no safe packaging is provided. So I take it with me on the plane as hand-carry luggage.
Since I live in Taiwan, which is crowded and heavy traffic, I'd like to keep my pedalboard simple and light. The right side is a DIY footswitch for JHS Superbolt v2 to change to High-Gain mode. So I actually have 4 layers of gain staging. The left side is a DIY footswitch for tap tempo. Tube Zone looks ordinary, but I think it is a very fat boost. Mr. Echo is something I cherish very much because of its special Slam button. Walrus Audio's products don’t need to be explained, they are very good tone catalysts. I want to replace my cheap phaser with their products.