Brandon Sessler


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Spirit Lake, ID

Definitely loving the @strymon Big Sky. I moved to a different state recently and my amazing worship team at my previous church pitched in and got it for me as a going away gift. So thankful for it!
Some more shots of my new board. I forgot to mention that it’s all powered with a @walrusaudio Aetos and the cables are @lavacable Mini ELC.
New Guitar Day! This is a James Tyler Guitars semi hollow.
Decided to downsize my board, I was playing at a new church and I wasn’t using about half of the pedals on my big board. I made a smaller board in this hard shell brief case, the lid slides off, and it has power and in/out jacks built into the side.
Had a great time at the 2019 NAMM show! Found out about this guitar company, they make some sick stuff! This is the Jennings Voyager!
Just got this little guy for my birthday to use as practice amp. Sounds super good! @boss Katana Mini
Built my own pedalboard a few years ago (with a friend), and it all started with this beautiful piece of walnut.
I really love the @veritasguitars Pro-Line guitar in Pelham Blue. Hope to get one of these in the future!
Really curious about the @1981inventions DRV pedal. Anyone here have one?
Newest version of my board.
Last version of my board before I got the Big Sky. I had to tear it down to make room for the BS and I had to send in the Tone Press in for a switch replacement, so I’m currently rebuilding.
I’m liking @rigshare.