Clayton Murray


Hey! My name is Clayton. I'm a guitarist north of Atlanta, Ga. I serve at 12Stone Church and I also play for whoever needs me. I'm really passionate about gear and good, inspiring, tone and spending too much money!


Hoschton, GA

Downsized from my big board. Moving away from most of the Vertex stuff just to find new tones. This Sunset is killer!
  • Thiery Laverdure
    Templeboards are awesome man. Great for swapping things out. Had the Sunset for a while, got rid of it before they released the midi update, wish I kept it a little longer 😅
  • RigShare
    Nice! Would love to see it on the board when you set it up!
This is my current setup. Waiting on a Vertex Ultraphonix and might be switching compressors. I dig it!