Stephen Fink
A couple months back I had a bad experience buying a CBG on eBay. Ended up sending it back. It was not at all playable. Last week found this on Etsy. It is amazing. The craftsmanship on it is incredible. I ran it into my little Blackstar Fly 3 and it sounded as good as it looks. This weekend I will run it through a bigger amp. It's a single coil that looks to me to be a Telecaster neck pickup.
I built a new studio computer from the ground up. 16 threads at 3.7 ghz. 64 gb of 3000 mhz ram. 2 x 1 tb M.2's. I think Studio One 4.5 will have plenty of resources. What do you think?
Found custom built 16ohm attenuator online. I will do a post about it once i get it. It is recommended to use this for 65 watts or less to keep some headroom. I believe it is rated for up to 100 watts.
Now I am in search of an attenuator. It seems as all the models I have decided on are always sold out. Next level is 400+ dollars. :/
Part of my "Beatles Guitar" collection. I really should try to get all of them I one shot.
I spent a little time working on my pedalboard this weekend. There is always the possibility of changes. LOL
I bought this Kay Fuzztone new in about 1984 for about 20 dollars. I now see them going for over 300 dollars. Seems crazy. I have also seen other companies making copies of it. It's a simple circuit with a plastic housing and a rubber bottom cover. Made in Japan. I don't know if this was a re-release or leftovers from the 60's. I will have to find some history on it...
Also known as the Slimair it was used by such great artists as Chuck Berry and the Beatles.
Used by many great artists since its release in the late 50's. It was seen in videos by the Traveling Wilburys and most recently in use by ZZ Top. A True Rock and Roll Classic Microphone.
I find myself wondering. How do you add VINTAGE GEAR? Things that are not being manufactured any more.
I almost forgot about these amazing picks I got from Japan. There is 3 sizes 1,2, and 3.5 mm thick. Beveled for easy playing. I think I will save the thicks one for use with the Hofner. They are from Hell Guitars and the picks are called Super Blacks.
I've been wanting to try a synth pedal from EHX for some time. This is should be interesting. I am thinking into the 360 looper for a backing track. :)
I am excited about this one. Wah without the hassle of mounting a funny shaped pedal on my board. I did get the expression pedal to use with it.
A couple new overdrives with classic sounds. :)
When I share my page on Facebook there is a big square without an image. Is that normal?