David Lee


P&W guitarist, pedalboard enthusiast

Found a very useful way to use the Simplifier and HX Stomp. Setup the board to use the Simplifier Preamp and use cabsims from the HX Stomp. Definitely a perfect blend of analog and digital for amp tones.
New build combining the Iridium and HX Stomp into a pre and post amp stereo wet effects rig.
Short demo video of the Simplifier board and testing out the Mythos Pedals Lark, Monochrome Triple from NRG Effects, and Revelation V2 from JET Pedals. https://youtu.be/isSGgwQbKWg
Finished building this board centered around the Simplifier from DSM & Humboldt Pedals. A great direct-in solution and routing tool. Definitely a space saver pedal loaded with features.
New gear day! Got a hold of the Simplifier from DSM & Humboldt Pedals. Very impressed so far! New board project is in the works!
More photos from the HX Stomp build. Love the compact set up and plug-and-play factor.
Iridium board built a few months ago. Wired up on a custom 24x12 Creation Music Company flat board and housed in a Blackbird Pedalboards ATA case.
2020 pedalboard with the HX Stomp at the helm. Wired up on a MONO Small (18 x 12.3) board.