Eric Cooper


Worship Pastor at Cross Church. (10yrs) Cover Band: Miles Station (15yrs)

New D&M Drive on the small board giving off some strong fall/Halloween vibes.
Current main rig, just got the Prince of Tone in and am loving it!
Tone investigations continue.....
New amp day, so excited! Such a great sounding (and plenty loud) combo amp by @badcatamps
A little overdrive rearranging went on this week. The Lightspeed in front of either the Steel String or Euphoria (the 2 I’m using as amp in a box style) sounds amazing!
Acoustics need pedal love too! 👍
Current main rig. Powered by a Walrus Phoenix underneath. Temple Audio 12x24 pedalboard. ‘93 American Strat Plus and ‘95 (approx) Peavey Classic 50 410
The jam-packed smaller rig. Power supply is by Donner, pedalboard is by Blackbird.