Ryan Rud


Frequency Collisions is a one man performing and recording project that mixes multiple genres and sounds to create heady, textured, and sonically rich music. It's thought provoking music for those aimless drives with no particular destination. Much like those drives, Frequency Collisions' music can often be perfectly wandering...and that's ok.

Hey everyone, new to rigshare. Allow me to introduce myself...My name is Ryan I make music under the name Frequency Collisions. I guess you'd call what I do ambient music but I love to cross genres and mix all kinds of styles into what I do. Everything I create is done out of my home. I recently put out my 4th record. Check it https://open.spotify.com/album/4U2O2Ec2reADeU5UWl2jcw?si=N1l-saJ_Rjq-RGK7UQ0UxA