Bajo Quintos

Latin Percussion Aspire® Series Wood Quinto on RigShare

LP Aspire Wood Congas are ideal for students, hobbyists and aspiring musicians. They provide great value at an affordable price. LP Aspire Wood Congas feature Siam Oak shells, natural rawhide heads and black powder-coated hardware.

Latin Percussion Giovanni Palladium Wood Quinto on RigShare

Designed with master percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo, LP Palladium Congas feature classic stave construction using beautiful North American Ash wood. The exterior chrome belly bands harken back to the days of New York's famous Palladium Ball...

Latin Percussion Uptown Sculpted Ash Quinto on RigShare

Latin Percussion Uptown Series Congas offer professional quality features and sound along with stunning looks at a moderate price.

Latin Percussion Pedrito Martinez Signature Top Tuning Deep Cut Mango Quinto on RigShare

Pedrito Martinez is an amazing, multi-talented force to be reckoned with. Not only is he one of this generation's premier percussionists, he is a Grammy nominated band leader with an irresistibly charismatic voice. Latin Percussion is proud...

Latin Percussion Galaxy Paoli Mejias Signature Jazzambia Quinto on RigShare

Paoli Mejias is ranked among the best in Latin jazz, Rock and Salsa. His playing is powerful and energetic while being filled with soul and tradition. Based on LP Galaxy congas, Paoli's signature drums feature custom artwork that pays homag...

Latin Percussion Matador® Puerto Rican Heritage Wood Quinto on RigShare

Play with pride with the LP Puerto Rican Heritage Matador Congas. LP Matador Wood Congas feature Siam Oak shells, rawhide heads and Matador Soft Strike™ rims. They are the ideal choice for any musician looking for traditional styling and pr...

Latin Percussion Eddie Montalvo Signature Fiberglass Quinto on RigShare

Grammy winner, Eddie Montalvo is known for his legendary tumbaos and his solid groove. His work with Fania All-Stars, Ruben Blades, Hector Levoe and Willie Colon has elevated him to iconic conguero status. Original artwork finish designed b...

Latin Percussion Legends Jose Madera Signature Quinto on RigShare

Jose "Joe" Madera was the conguero for the Tito Puente Orchestra for over 30 years. His signature series congas are finished with a uniquely captivating swirling design that makes each drum a piece of art unto itself.

Latin Percussion Galaxy Fiberglass Fausto Cuevas Iii Signature Quinto on RigShare

Latin Percussion worked with Fausto Cuevas III to develop this road ready addition to the Galaxy series. The stunning Arena Red Sparkle finish with Gold Tone hardware makes these drums as beautiful as they are durable.

Latin Percussion Raul Rekow Top Tuning Signature Quinto on RigShare

To honor the memory of one of its most beloved artists, LP introduced the Raul Rekow Signature Series Congas and Bongos. Made from New Zealand Pine and stained in a Dark Walnut finish, these drums produce tone that is incredibly musical and...

Latin Percussion Richie Gajate-Garcia Signature
 Top-Tuning Quinto on RigShare

Richie Gajate-Garcia's Signature Series Congas feature Romanian Tilia shells with a rich Mavi satin finish. Deep distinguishing bands are carved into the drum giving them a look as bold as Richie's playing style.

Latin Percussion Legends Candido Camero Signature
 Fiberglass Quinto on RigShare

Candido Camero is the most widely recorded conguero in the history of jazz. His signature fiberglass congas are based on the LP Original Conga design and feature his signature badge on shimmering white shells with gleaming chrome hardware.

Latin Percussion Galaxy® Fiberglass Quinto on RigShare

The profile of the LP Galaxy Fiberglass conga is unique in that it's extra wide at the belly and narrow at the bottom, which results in deep, resonant bass and vibrant highs. The upper portion of the drum is reinforced with Kevlar® fiber, w...

Latin Percussion Galaxy® Giovanni Signature Quinto on RigShare

Developed in cooperation with Master Conguero, Giovanni Hildago, LP Galaxy Giovanni Signature Congas feature a combination of resonance, attack and warmth that can be found in no other conga. They deliver commanding bass, rich mid-tones and...

Latin Percussion Patato® Signature Fibrglass Quinto on RigShare

Carlos "Patato" Valdez left behind a legacy behind that inspires percussionists to this day. His signature fiberglass congas are 30" tall with a wide belly and a narrow bottom. The result is a drum that projects deep bass tones and crisp h...

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