Bass Drum

Tama Drums and Hardware Gong Bass Drum on RigShare

An early TAMA original, the Gong Bass Drum uses a 22" head mounted Tympani style on a 20" shell with no bottom head. This design produces a thunderous, low-end sound with excellent sustain, characteristic of the large Taiko drums of ancient...

Sonor Drums SQ1 Series Bass Drum on RigShare

Sonor introduces the SQ1 series, a new dimension in sound. Birch shells in combination with new innovative Sound Sustainer technology form the basis of a drum series with extraordinary sound characteristics. Together with exclusive matte la...

Latin Percussion Bass Drum Cowbelll Mounting Bracket on RigShare

This cowbell bracket clamps to your bass drum hoop. Its rubber lining provides an extra-secure grip and protects the bass drum hoop from dents and scratches.

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