Garrett Sulzman
I want to talk about Pedal Order for a minute... I've been playing with a Board for a while now and I've been a Sound Guy even longer. for the past few years, I've been asking myself the question, "Why have we been taught to put our Compressor before our Overdrives?" I mean, doesn't the Overdrive compress the signal, to begin with? This means that I was Clipping or Compressing an already Compressed signal; resulting in signal degradation. So, I decided to change that... In my "Electric Add-On", I've placed my Compressor after my Overdrive -- giving me the ability to control my over-driven signal. I have found that it warms the crunch of my Overdrive and adds clarity to the overall tone. Anyway, all that to say... I want to encourage all of us musicians to experiment. Yes, I like having the tone of my favorite guitarist; however, I also like to be an individual. Don't be afraid to be different. Let's not stop the Signal! Tone is Everything!!!
My Bass Rig... I especially like that Pedal Plus Sustain pedal. It is such a nice sustain -- I drone a low G while I can play a melody in the higher register. Shaped with the Chorus, Delay/Reverb, and Cab emulator, it sounds like a double bass violin with a cello over the top.