I know it is not Christmas yet :)
Old led strip from 2 years ago still working :) #rigshare
  • RigShare
    Now that's creative!
  • Jameson Allen
    Been looking at the sub n up - how do you like it? Killer board!!
    • Hans
      Hi James, thanks for the kind words. I quite like it. However, i never used the mix more than 12 o'clock. Also I only use it for ambience part or single note line to add fatness. I like it to be subtle rather than dominating. Unfortunately, this is my first pitch shifter pedal and have nothing to compare it with. I have tried my friend's ehx pitchfork which has more option and versatility but I don't need that many option other than octave up and down. In term of price, it is also more affordable. I just scratch the surface, i have never tried the toneprint stuff yet. Hope it helps.