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I love music... I primarily use my instruments as tools for accompanying and leading the praises of the church for JESUS. But few things in my life energize my mind, body and soul like playing and writing and making music with other musicians. Music is truly the most powerful language.

Current board set up and a DIY iso cab in a warehouse venue (aka echo chamber)
Has anyone tried the Strymon Volante? Thoughts on it? I’m so very tempted and interested...
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    @krcriado you were the last person I remember saying good things about the @strymon Volante.
  • Kristopher Criado
    @jamesonlynwood The Volante is a beast of a delay pedal. Some argue that it’s all you need if you’re into vintage sounding tape delays. It also have 8 spots for favorites and can be accessed through the middle fav switch and pressing any single tape head button (8 total). My favorite feature is the SOS looper which gives you infinite repeats or reverse delays. The spring reverb is also voiced really really well and useable at all settings. I sold my El Capistan to get one and haven’t looked back.
  • Eric Cooper
    I would love to try out and get the Volante, but the price and extreme plethora of settings are holding me back (though it sounds incredible). I have ordered an Echorec (which is also a drum head delay) by Catalinbread and it is on the way, hoping it will be a good substitute and ease the pedal desire, hahaha.
Different set up yesterday for me... drums!!
Easter confetti explosion aftermath
some of the progression...
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    Looks like you put in a good bit of work into this rewire. How long did the process take you?
Complete rewire and reset, also to squeeze in a few more pieces. So far so good!
Anybody use this DOD Rubberneck analog delay? I LOVE the tone and the features, but can’t seem to keep it from running away into speaker melting oscillation when the repeats knob is above 10:00... most demo videos seem to demonstrate that the repeats knob is much more usable than that... am I missing something? Internal switch maybe? Or just that’s how the pedal works?
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  • Chris Elkjar
    The tone knob also seems to have a big effect on the oscillation. Turn the gain and tone down to zero and you should have dark repeats that don’t go crazy.
Anybody else fly solo with a strat for entire sets? Just something about it! #simplicity #cleantone #rigshare
Currently 14 of 15 ports on my @walrusaudio power supply in use, and it’s been running strong for 2+ years - the whole rig through 1 power brick (but the Timefactor has its own supply coming from wall)! I love it. One critique is that the ports are so dang close to each other - even 1/16th of an inch more would work wonders... #gearhead #knowyourtone #gas #gearnerds #cleantone #chroniclesoftone #tone #beardedboards #pedalboard #rigshare @rigshare #rigshareapp #ambientnotes
  • Vítor Félix
    Amazing to see how reliable this power supply is! I'm thinking about getting the Aetos which will be more than enough for my setup. I'm currently using a daisy chain power supply... You have an awesome setup btw!
Does anyone one else’s @origineffects Cali76 CD dry knob make a lot of noise when turning it? Sounds like a scratchy pot, but for some reason I thought that’s typical of some knobs like those... there’s no noise when playing. It’s only during turning the knob.
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    Great question for the RigShare community. To get more responses from users that have the Cali76, go to the Cali product page https://rigshare.com/products/cali76-compact-deluxe-500021) and at the bottom you can post your question there. Each user who has it will be able to see it.
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    We are still working on a better way to post questions for other users to see, regardless of if they are your follower or not. Stay tuned.
Special day for our 4 church congregations - it’s our 10 year anniversary! Pulled out the stops and made a lot of noise to celebrate GOD’s faithfulness. Also the first time we’ve tried to pull off “You are Good” by Israel Houghton... and we wrote a special jam for the bridge part with a blues riff to rock it up a bit. Man that song is fun!!
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one of the more unique settings for a rig.. like an elevated orchestra pit... #rigshare #geartalk
“let it loose on this one” #rigshare #happyplace #inthezone