James Bonamy


Worshiper. Husband. Father. Player in the making.


Longview, TX

Hello. I need recommendations for replacement PAF pickups on my '82 Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion. The originals are dark and muddy. Need brighter tones with better clarity for modern rock, while still maintaining a tight low end. Your help is appreciated.
In the process of buying a mid 90s Fender Tele that needs some upgrades. Suggestions on high end pups for mainly country? Med output...more bright than dark....and most importantly, something clear and useable in the neck position.
Diggin my new dry signal chain: Ego>EQ>Prestige>Sunset>t1m-Proto>Torpedo. Using the EQ as Boost, Prestige always on, Sunset controlled via DMC, and the t1m as Preamp to the Torpedo. Fire...