Judson Ruddick


I’m an 18 year old musician who considers myself to be a guitar player who sings. I’ve been playing for roughly 4 years and have years of experience as the lead guitarist for my church as well as numerous gigs with my bands and fellow musicians in my area. I’m a huge gear head and consider myself to be quite gear savvy and I could talk about gear for hours on end.

Can anyone recommend a good solid bass cab that won’t break the bank?
Just put my skate deck pedalboard together. This bad boy is ready to roll, literally! 🤘🏻
  • Mike Sarafinas
    Cool! How do you like the Pedal Baby?
    • Judson Ruddick
      It’s amazing! I owned an egnater rebel 20 tube head for the longest time and if you know anything about egnater they’re one of the only brands who can put out a truly boutique quality amp for a fraction of the price. The pedal baby measures up really well, I don’t feel like I’m settling with my tone and I don’t have to worry about tubes going out!
  • Joe Max Denty
    Would love to try a Swollen Pickle someday soon. That's kind of a weird thing to say lol. Do the Tech 21 Flyrigs live up to the hype?
    • Judson Ruddick
      The swollen pickle is one of the best fuzzes there is. The flyrigs most definitely live up to the hype, and then some.