Justin Chan


Christian, worship leader, music director, husband, coffee addict, aspiring theologian.

New PT nano rig to accommodate the Hotone Binary Amp. Testing in progress.
After spending 4 months with this, I can think of 5 reasons why a Helix has an edge over traditional pedalboard/amp systems. Which side of the analag/multi-fx fence do you guys stand? https://youtube.com/watch?v=eUWTKd_II-4 #worshipgear #geartalkpnw #line6helix
Salutations! I'm Justin, a guitarist from Singapore who primarily plays in church. I serve as a worship leader and music director at Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church, and am in my final year at Trinity Theological College. I hope to embark on doctoral studies in worship and liturgy. Yes, while I rock out to the latest Hillsong/Bethel/Planetshakers jams, I find beauty and majesty in all liturgies, including Eastern Orthodox. My current research interest is the liturgical interface between Judaism and primitive Christianity.