Lee Baker


Lead Worship Pastor, Songwriter, and Guitarist with 12Stone Worship.


Atlanta, GA

Alright!!! Here’s the updated rig for this season. New stuff from @walrusaudio @chaseblissaudio GFI Systems and Rainger Fx
Chillin... Guitar -> @chaseblissaudio Dark World -> Amp.
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    Looks like fun! Drop a One-Liner and tell us what you think about it! We've heard good things so far.
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Current Rig... all cleaned up and ready to shoot the first episode of The Gear Kids tonight with the @chaseblissaudiopedals Thermae!
So glad to see my friends @chaseblissaudio and @walrusaudio on @rigshare!!
I rock @daddarioandcostringsandaccessories. What strings do you guys play?!!
Latest pic of my rig! Loving it!
Been a while since I’ve taken a family photo!!! Anyone else have a pic of their whole collection?
I'm looking for a fuzz pedal that really breaks apart well and spits a little when you sustain notes... I know that's random. the closest I've heard is the @oldbloodnoise Haunt, but it's not quite there. I know it's not fuzz face. Some muffs I've heard are close, but just curious if anyone knows what I'm looking for who is great with fuzz pedals.
My inspiration station... you guys have a space at home where you listen, play, write, etc...?
Starting a new YouTube project with my family where the kids are going to be demoing different gear. It's going to be a blast. Check it out on social @thegearkids on all platforms and here's the intro video!!! https://youtu.be/ANWOjV2z6YA