Lee Baker


Lead Worship Pastor, Songwriter, and Guitarist with 12Stone Worship.


Atlanta, GA

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Chillin... Guitar -> @chaseblissaudio Dark World -> Amp.
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    Looks like fun! Drop a One-Liner and tell us what you think about it! We've heard good things so far.
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Been a while since I’ve taken a family photo!!! Anyone else have a pic of their whole collection?
I'm looking for a fuzz pedal that really breaks apart well and spits a little when you sustain notes... I know that's random. the closest I've heard is the @oldbloodnoise Haunt, but it's not quite there. I know it's not fuzz face. Some muffs I've heard are close, but just curious if anyone knows what I'm looking for who is great with fuzz pedals.
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My inspiration station... you guys have a space at home where you listen, play, write, etc...?
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    @tmgguitarco @chaseblissaudio @walrusaudio @pettyjohnelec @disasterareadesigns
So glad to see my friends @chaseblissaudio and @walrusaudio on @rigshare!!
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I rock @daddario. What strings do you guys play?!!
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My main squeeze.... @tmgguitarco Theo. I call her Marjorie.
Starting a new YouTube project with my family where the kids are going to be demoing different gear. It's going to be a blast. Check it out on social @thegearkids on all platforms and here's the intro video!!! https://youtu.be/ANWOjV2z6YA
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Current Rig... all cleaned up and ready to shoot the first episode of The Gear Kids tonight with the @chaseblissaudio Thermae!
#summernamm2018 starts today!!