Pete Martin

The latest board build. I've given up saying finished board, a board is never finished! All on a @monocasesandgigbags Small Board. Signal chain is @dunlopguitargear Crybaby>Boss TU3>TC Electronic Spark>ThorpyFX Gunshot>front of Victory BD1 Then @mxrpedals Ten Band EQ>TC Electronic Corona>EHX Small Stone>TC Flashback 2>Boss RV-5>TC Spark Mini in the loop
Always great getting the little big rig out. Classic 30 is loaded with a Celestion G12H30 speaker, the 112 cab is loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30
Fun little project building this LP Junior. I've done all the fretwork and electrics. A first for me but it plays and sounds great! Was going to be used a test bed for screwing up and turned out great