“Singing to GOD properly is singing “with jubilation“ [in Jubilatione]. Now what is this singing with jubilation? Think of people singing as they go about some hot and exhausting job at harvest-time, say, or in the vineyard. They start celebrating in their happiness with the words of familiar songs. But they end up turning away from words and syllables, as if they were filled with so much happiness that they couldn’t put it into words. And off they go into the noise of “jubilation.” This kind of singing [jubilum] is a sound which means that the heart is giving birth to something it cannot speak of. And who better to receive such “jubilation” than the ineffable GOD – ineffable, because you cannot talk about HIM. And if you cannot talk about HIM, and it is improper just to keep silence, why, what is there left for you to do but “jubilate” – with your heart rejoicing without words, and the immense breadth of your joy not rationed out in syllables? (en. in Ps. 32.8).” “So when do we jubilate? When we praise that which we cannot speak. (en. in Ps. 99.5).” - St. Augustine (as quoted by Rowan Williams in The Wound of Knowledge) #rigshare