What kind of music do I play is the next question I suppose. I don’t like to place limitations on something like this. So it probably wouldn’t surprise you when I say that my tastes kinda go all over the place. And what stylistic spaces I play in follow suit. Routinely, I place for my church’s worship band a few Sunday’s a month. We play a lot of different people’s songs. But most consistently we play Elevation, Hillsong, Bethel, Mosaic and our original songs. When I was younger, I played in three piece band with my brother and my best friend. We landed a lot of different types of gigs. House band for college homecoming reunions, talent shows, coffee shops, holiday parties, student events. Just to name a few. Our instrumentation was pretty straight forward though. Those settings never really called for anything super sophisticated, sonically at least. They were mostly vibe setting, which was cool with us. That’s what we were all really into. I laid down rhythm guitar (usually acoustic), my brother sang and played lead parts on an electric guitar, and my best friend played a simple drum kit. We definitely had a pocket in regards to vibe and style. We played a lot of music that featured mellow lead guitar and smooth male vocals. We found ourselves doing a lot of John Mayer. Those were our favorite tunes. We went from covering R&B, soul, 90’s and early 2000’s hip hop, blues, classic rock, bossanova. But we got creative with it too. We liked to take top 40 stuff, too, and arrange it to fit the vibe. It got really soulful and super enjoyable to play.