It wasn’t until my mid 20’s until I started making serious moves towards building a rig. I’ve practiced electric guitar since I’ve started playing. But I’ve never performed it (leading at least) until I started playing for my church. It’s been such an enriching experience thus far. However, I still play those styles with my brother from time to time (just for pleasure now). I also now play (for pleasure as well) with a work mate of mine. He’s an on and off semi professional drummer. I gather with him and his friends and we have our fun. That playing definitely goes into the indie rock scene/style. That’s new for me. And I have a ton of fun doing it. So as you can tell from all of that, my rig is built (and being built) to be as versatile as possible. What I plan to keep on my board at all times is compression, boost and overdrive for gain staging, volume, modulation, delay, and reverb. Nothing too radical, but those things do allow me to fit in a lot of different spaces. I hope this site thrives and prospers. Guitar playing has been a great source of inspiration and fulfillment for me. I’m still on my journey. And I’m by far not the most learned or skilled when it comes to gear. But being a part of this culture and being able to share and relate will only impassion me more.