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Designed in collaboration with Resonant Electronic™, Brothers™ is built upon two independent JFET / IC analog channels comprising a total of six unique boost, drive, or fuzz circuits in one small enclosure. The pedal can be routed in thirty-three distinct ways, including mixing them in parallel or changing the order of the effects. As with every Chase Bliss pedal, you can save everything and recall presets instantly, on-the-fly either on the pedal or with MIDI. Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog the entire time and never gets digitally processed.



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Thinking bout removing my stage 2 OD & Fuzz pedals to use w/ DMC

· jamesonlynwood · a year ago


This replaced 4 high end gain pedals on my main board.

· filthandechoes · 7 months ago


One of the most versatile drives out there

· thierylaverdure · a year ago


Great tones and creamy, amp-like breakup. Love it!

· marcjbannes · 6 months ago


Of course all the tones are great, but the way the pedal breaks

· marcjbannes · 6 months ago


Magical, creamy breakup and many usable settings. Brilliant.

· marcjbannes · 6 months ago

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