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The Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz is contemporary take on the classic fuzz tones you love. The Kick Fuzz is completely versatile, and delivers an array of classic fuzz tones in one stompbox. So now in one fuzz pedal, you can go from a spitting vintage fuzz tone to muffish and massive sustaining fuzz madness all with some creative tweaking of the Kick's knobs. The Volume control delivers a serious amount of gain for your signal, and the Fuzz control goes everywhere from gritty clean to massively saturated signals. The Kick Fuzz is an incredibly responsive pedal, and works dynamically with your guitar's volume and tone knobs - so back off the volume for some sweet gritty clean tones. The Texture control gives you a wild variety of fuzz tones, so dial in some spitty vintage tones or massive gain. The Tone control allows you to either boost bass or treble frequencies. The Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz will cover all the fuzz tones you need, and then some. Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz The Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz feels like a kick to the chest. This incredibly versatile and sweet fuzz will get you from 1967 all the way to 2010 with some sweeps of the texture control. Feedback nastiness, thick and dirty overdrive, and powerfully sustaining tones are all housed within the Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz. If you think you've heard everything a fuzz pedal can do, think again. The Keeler Designs Kick Fuzz pedal will give you some draw-dropping fuzz goodness.



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