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MIDI Splitter is a 1-In 4-Out MIDI thru box. It allows the user to control up to 4 devices using just one MIDI controller. It can be used with one of AmpTone Lab controllers (XY MIDIpad, XY MIDIpad mini, MIDI Strip) or any other MIDI controller equipped with a standard MIDI port. Power Source MIDI Splitter can be powered by one of the 2 power sources – a battery or a standard power supply. Power supply is the primary power source and battery will not be used when it is plugged in. Device operates at 9V, meaning it can be powered by a typical 9V power supply (2.1mm center negative) or a 9V battery (high-quality battery included in the package). Making MIDI Splitter a MIDI-powered device was never an option, as it causes some serious compatibility issues. Many MIDI controllers and interfaces are not supplying enough voltage to power a thru-box. Many of them don’t supply voltage at all, making it impossible to use with a MIDI-powered thru-box. Therefore a real power source is necessary to make sure all MIDI devices are supported. Usage MIDI Splitter works with any MIDI device equipped with a standard MIDI port (DIN-5). Just plug your MIDI controller or a device transmitting MIDI messages to MIDI IN port, then plug the receiving MIDI devices to MIDI OUT ports and your MIDI Splitter is ready to work!

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