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MiniMain12 - Pair, With Handles

Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 - Pair, With Handles on RigShare
Arguably the most accurate, revealing, and technologically advanced recording monitor ever made, the Barefoot Sound MiniMain12 is a no-compromise four-way titan packed with no fewer than seven drive units. Barefoot housed the septet of drivers inside the MM12's sealed enclosures, effortlessly delivering 20Hz to 40kHz with vanishing low distortion, unbelievably wide dynamic range, and ultra-fast transient response. No hype, literally. Barefoot's commitment to supreme quality and technical sophistication is evident throughout their monitor lineup, but the MiniMain12 significantly raises the bar. Just the DSP crossover took Thomas Barefoot more than four years of meticulous R&D to develop. What's more, beyond the MiniMain12's abundance of innovative tech that delivers its matchless linearity and transparency, the MM12 can even emulate other speakers. Barefoot understands that most of us have trained our ears on a set of secondary references. Using the MM12's selection of classic-voiced speaker emulations, you can pack up your Cubes or NS-10s, ultimately streamlining your space, eliminating the problematic reflections attendant with multiple sets of monitors, and getting all your main and referencing done in the most sophisticated manner possible. The wait is over, give your studio all the monitor you can imagine-and the monitors you already own-in the standard-setting Barefoot Sound MiniMain12. Read on to learn more.



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