Premium Signature Slate Instrument Cable

Sinasoid Premium Signature Slate Instrument Cable on RigShare
Due to SLATE being a low capacitance guitar cable, you'll find extended, crisp high end, a tightly defined low end, and clear, precise mids all responding incredibly to playing dynamics. This lends itself to drawing out your guitar or bass guitar's truest, sweetest sound. The namesake gray jacket was chosen for the purpose of standing out in piles of black cable without drawing unnecessary attention onstage. Dual spiral shielding and a thick stranded core make it flexibly tangle-resistant, and with a tough exterior and a carefully crafted interior, the Sinasoid SLATE is bound to deliver the best of your tone for years to come.
This low capacitance instrument cable comes stock with dual nickel straight G&H plugs, with color and orientation upgrade options available. 

As with every Custom Shop cable, these Sinasoid Signature SLATE cables are handmade with love, carefully assembled and packed in our shop, and are covered by our 100 Year Warranty.
  • Length: Available in 10', 15', 18', & 20'.
  • G&H Plug Orientation: Straight/Straight or Straight/Right
  • Various cable and plug color options



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