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First available in 1987, the Studio Elite embodied the essence of the L.A. studio scene. With contoured and cutaway neck, heel, and body area, plus a deeper cutaway on the treble side, the upper frets are easier to access. The lead/rhythm circuit and midboost preamp makes the Studio Elite one of the most versatile guitars around. Choose one of our many finishes for just the right look.
BODY: Solid alder
Optional: Swamp ash, mahogany, hollow, maple top, rear rout, genuine multilayer binding, single layer, or scraped natural wood binding

NECK: Quartersawn maple with Indian rosewood or maple fretboard
Optional: Mahogany neck, birdseye maple neck and fretboard

Single ply - Parchment, white, black
Multilayer - Black, parchment, black pearl, tortoiseshell, white pearl, white, aged white pearl, mint green

PICKUPS: SSH configuration of black slanted JTO pickups
Optional: 2 classic stacks (original spec) and Tyler electric humbucker

CONTROL SYSTEM: 5-way blade switch, lead/rhythm circuit, volume, midboost preamp
Optional: Midboost preamp bypass, humbucker split (high output only)

BRIDGE: 2-post or 6-screw tremolo with bent or solid steel saddles
Optional: Hipshot hardtail, locking bridge and nut

Optional: Black, gold

TUNERS: Locking Hipshot
Optional: Non-locking Kluson

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