Lost my MXR 10 Band EQ but gained Vertex Dynamic Distortion and MXR Analog Chorus. Addition by subtraction.
@rigshare is an excellent place to show off rigs! I’d take this rig anywhere!!
Newest incarnation. Some old favorites back on the board. A couple of new ones.
Tank? Yes. Very accurate and easy to use? Yes! I personally am not a huge fan of tiny pedals...probably because they didn’t exist in my day. This is not a tiny tuner but the accuracy and #buffer of this #korg DT-10 is really unmatched. Thoughts? No tone suck here...
Gigging this weekend. Rehearsal tomorrow night. Using my normal rig but I will be using a #robs_cigar_box_guitars that I call Ol’ Blue, in addition to my Les Paul.
A lot of gear snobs out there but I’d stack this rig up against any of them... 💯
#gibson #fender ? Preferences?
I have had very few rigs that provide the tones and flexibility that this simple, yet effective rig provides. These are all powered by my underrated but excellent #bbe #supacharger My #boss #cs3 is a Japanese made black label and is the backbone of the rig. It’s almost always on as it provides an impressive, percussive effect in conjunction with my #electroharmonix #canyon which has more bang for the buck or any delay pedal I’ve ever owned. The #mxrpedals #classic108fuzz ahead of my #earthquakerdevices #dunes create quite the OD/distortion/fuzz stage. Try it sometime. Can I say about my #wazadelay #phaseshifter and #digitalreverb ? Boss rock! To finish it off, if you need an all analog tapped tremolo look no further than the #throneroompedals #tremolo .
Mids from the Dunes fill in the missing frequencies from the MXR fuzz which, together, are complete butter!!