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Katy, TX

Silica - Part 1 Some people think this is dangerous and others that is just an usless piece of trash in a small bag. The true is that this is a very usefull thing, but what is this... is a solid absorbent chemical used to keep in good condition some stuff, how? it absorbs humidity and keeps small places dry. It is not dangerous, you can touch but, it's not for ingest. I t was originally used for keeps medicines dry during the world war II. #gearcare #humidity #musicsian
Silica - Part 4 This is how you shouldn't do it, in this case put the bag un te downside, sometimes the multtieffects units have space in the downside son they can not crush the silica bag, if it's not your case put it under the expression pedal, if doesn't have one check the design until you find the correct place. In the case of the Headrush pedalboard, the unit is not completely flat downside so i put it in that small place.
Silica - Part 3 Of course be careful with the area where you put the bag cause remember, the bag says "gel" but is actually solid, and the idea is to keep your gear protected not cause scratches (we don need that shit please...XD), choose carefully the correct place always keeping on mind that you're going to move all the time the bag/case(s). Other thing if you have tools in your bag/case cover the sharp parts to prevent the bag breaking.
Silica - Part 2 How this could be considered usefull for me, i'm a musicsian??? wtf are talking about?... Well, if you have more than 1 year playing an instrument and you know the basic cares of that instruments maybe you're conscious about keeping out the humidity from your instrument and the rest of the gear. I'll show you how t approach this small "trash bag" to protect your rig. During spring and summer the air is charged with a lot of humidity, but if you live on a equatorial zone or just between the tropics this will help you the entire year; is very easy, just put a bag of silica on every pocket of your cases and one inside with your equipment (look at the examples i'm posting).
Hi Rigshare community, if you're interested in the gear care you must know that i'll be sharing some posts about it, invite your friends to follow me cause this platform is not only to share gear, learning about it is more important: it doesn't matter if you're a bassist, guitarist, mandolinist, drummer, keybordist, etc... so let's stay in tune here... let's play a game, comment what would you like to know about gear care... #righshare #guitar #bass #mandolin #drums #keyboard #violin #percussion #music #gearcare #learning #love #gear #rig
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