Tim Walker


Guitarist (and other frets); ambient soundscaper; guitar-synth veteran.

I haven’t posted an update on “The Space Hopper” in about two years… so here’s “v3.2”! It has changed quite a bit - mostly, as I’ve upgraded to a Palmer PedalBay 80 (the largest Palmer board). Many of the devices are the same, but I’ve augmented them with a few more (see my “Rigs” section for the details), including a Fender Engine Room LVL12 power supply. I will say this: a decent PSU may not sound like a glamorous item to lay down £200/$200+ on, but it can put paid to the nasty noises that plague your signal chain, and which you often get from cheap PSUs with even cheaper “wall-warts”. (Here endeth the sermon 😜) The LVL12 easily supplies “juice” to every device I have on the board, including USB-C PD to my iPad. Also under the board, there’s a 4-port USB-C hub which I connect my iPad Pro to (for extra sound-processing and MIDI stuff), and which also “passes on” the power link from the PSU.
Here's the "Space Hopper" (my pedalboard) as of late May 2021. Not everything is visible in this shot - the two PSUs, the BeatBars FS2M (which converts the output from a hold/sustain pedal into USB MIDI) and the USB hub (for linking my iPhone or iPad into the signal-chain), are all mounted underneath the board.
Hi - my name is Tim Walker (or "T.A. Walker" as I use for my "stage name" to avoid confusion with any namesakes - they're out there). I am based in the UK, and play guitar, other frets (mostly ukulele, mandolin and lap-dulcimer), guitar-synth and electronics. I sometimes write and record songs, but at present I'm concentrating on instrumental "ambient guitar" and "soundscapes". My most recent album, "Elliptical Orbit", is available to buy on my Bandcamp at https://tawalker.bandcamp.com/, and to stream on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and other similar services. Find out more here about my guitar and "soundscaping" pedalboard, the "Space Hopper" (a nod to Robert Fripp's towering Soundscape FX rack, the "Solar Voyager"), and anything else I might want to put there...
Welcome to my page on RigShare! This is where I'll post stuff about the musical gear I use - I'm a multi-instrumentalist (mostly guitar, other fretted instruments and electronics) with leanings towards progressive rock and ambient/soundscapes with guitar and guitar-synth. I've started the ball rolling with some info about my guitar/soundscaping pedalboard, the "Space Hopper". Quite a few of the pedals on it, weren't in RigShare's database, but they are extremely responsive to new submissions - thanks folks!