Andrew Lee
Would be great to be able to categorize gear by the type - amp/guitar/mic/pedal etc - any plans for that?
  • RigShare
    Thanks for sharing! Yea, we have plans to introduce some new features for categorizing gear as well as grouping gear. We will announce them to you when we roll them out.
  • Thiery Laverdure
    We got it coming!
  • Andrew Lee
    Another idea - if someone submits a gear suggestion maybe there’s a list somewhere that shows the submissions? It makes it easier to remember to add it later ;)
  • RigShare
    Thanks! Yea, our team has a list for when suggestions come in. We are always actively reviewing product suggestions in order to grow our database. We're excited about getting closer to 20,000 products and before you know it, we hope to be looking at 100,000 products!
Some of the gear, I just select things depending upon what sort of show I’m doing
Used for my last gig - Boss heavy, but they are really the most reliable and have all the sounds you really need