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Explorers of Tone, sailing the high seas for the Unique and the Boutique. Hailing from Charlotte of North Carolina, the Pirate Vessel 'The Tonetuga', captained by madman, leads the charge to break the Tonal Mold. Tonetuga FX Donates a portion of our profits to world Sea Turtle Preservation Efforts. Visit for this and more!

Songbird on the floor! Amongst some good company @matthewseffects @oldbloodnoise @coppersoundfx
Songbird Overdrive, our take on the Light/Transparent Overdrive category. Also decided to go with the solid aluminum knobs with chrome registers to catch stage light in the most pleasing way. Demos coming soon!
@jonathanrobinsonmusic called dibs on the Delphine Delay and Songbird OD from the NAMM board. Great rig!
Flaming hot riffs in a box. ToneTuga FX Prysm Fuzz! #guitarpedals
ToneTuga FX Summer NAMM 2019 rig. Clockwork MultiDriver > Songbird Overdrive > Prysm Fuzz > Delphine Dual Modulated Tape Delay 🐢🐢🐢🐢
7/18 💙🐦🌊🐢 #pedals
Who thinks this Tremonti 10 top in emerald green would be the perfect ToneTuga FX guitar?
What are the Turtles listening to while they make your gear? Captain Mike runs a tight ship, but you can catch the current mood on Spotify with Tonetuga FX Pirate Radio. We will try to keep it up to date whenever the mood changes. Got recommendations? Comment below! . All genres welcome. From ChillHop to Mongolian Throat Singing.🐢🐢🐢
This July edition of Premier Guitar had a special surprise in it!
First Post!