Nicholas Panichelli

Straight into amp is best sometimes
Some extra pedals lying around. I forgot about the t-Rex viper vibe!! They make great effects. Note the blue Alberta I have two originals I think they just released a new line of early 2000s effects. Phat mod mercy seat effects holy dove no longer made basically a KLON circuit with a switch like sick as by bondi. They make great stuff too which I have a sick as but the mercy seat is just as nice in my opinion how many klones do we need? I think We got it down. Tone bakery is nice with any fuzz. I like the dying battery sizzling amp tones from a good fuzz the tone bakery helps boost it for loud speaker ripping zonk like solos forgot I had a surf green mercy seat Fx holy dove and a sabbadius funky vibe. When in doubt buy two of everything they may stop making them and it could be the next KLON. Ooooo look just found a vertex ultra phonix. Anyone try the eventide bloom???
More gear pedal boards finish Olympic white aged strat
New builds fat 60s 59’s Klein 65 Shoreline gold sage green metallic ice blue metallic. Ice blue metallic has 69 in neck fat 60s in mid and bridge. Cts Pots vol 500k tone 250k 250k .047uf cap treble bleed on volume w/ 10pf cap and 1/2 watt resistor. Rosewood Pau Ferro 60s neck 9.5” radius jumbo frets unbleached bone nut kluson supreme staggered tuners Nitro paint job by my tech owner of loudo guitars. Sage Green Metallic has same neck same caps and pot values with 65 in the neck fat 60s in the middle and bridge. Nitro paint kluson supreme staggered tuners. Shoreline gold has same pot and cap values with aged hardware kluson tremolo had another 60s neck on it but I went with a maple instead. 59 pickups. Vintage white hasn’t been finished putting reverse headstock maple on it with Klein 65s Callaham tremolo.
New build.