Guitar Combos

Guitar combos are consist of an amp and speaker built into the same enclosure. Guitar combos may not always be as powerful as a head and cabinet option. Although, combos are very useful for more mobile use, given they can typically be smaller in size.

3rd Power Wooly Coats - Spanky MKII on RigShare

NASHVILLE, TN – April 5, 2017 – 3RD POWER is excited to announce the new Wooly Coats Spanky MKII amplifier to its line of award winning amplifiers, hand-built in the company’s East Nashville, Tennessee shop. Operating on a pair of 6V6 ou...

Benson Amps Monarch Reverb 1x12 Combo on RigShare

The Monarch Reverb features a unique British-American switch, simple yet highly versatile controls, and perfect range of power to be used both cleanly and pushed on the stage and studio without wearing out its welcome, and incorporates tube...

Bad Cat Amps Cub III Hand-Wired Legacy Series on RigShare

Cub III features a switchable A or B valve in the first position pre-amp. You can select between 12AX7 or EF86 pre-amp tube by a toggle or foot switch. This new feature is drastically different sonically in gain structure, and character fro...

Bad Cat Amps Black Cat Hand-Wired Legacy Series on RigShare

If you have ever wanted the amazing tone and feel of our Black Cat 30, only with a more manageable volume - look no further than the Black Cat 15. Just like the 30-watt older brother, the Black Cat 15 is dripping in three dimensional cleans...

Bad Cat Amps Hot Cat Hand-Wired Legacy Series on RigShare

Sharing the lineage and design of the award winning Hot Cat 30, only in a 15 watts, club friendly platform. Two channels running into a dual EL84, Class A power section. Channel 1, the cleans are 3-D lush and chime. When pushed the cleans a...

1 Rig

Bad Cat Amps Cub 15R USA Player Series on RigShare

The USA Player Series Cub preserves the purity of the original Cub circuit while offering increased flexibility. This improved design offers the ability to select between a 12AX7 or EF86 pre-amp tube using the mini toggle on the faceplate o...

1 Rig

Bad Cat Amps Cub 40R USA Player Series on RigShare

while offering increased flexibility. The EL34 power section adds huge headroom, percussive lows and glassy highs to this classic circuit. This improved design offers the ability to select between a 12AX7 or EF86 pre-amp tube using the mini...

Eric Cooper
Onipa’a Gaudia

4 Rigs

Bad Cat Amps Classic Pro 20R USA Player Series on RigShare

Single channel American voiced amp with reverb, passive FX loop, and two foot-switchable K Master volumes for rhythm/lead output levels. The amp will ship with 6V6’s for 20 watts of power but the amp will run at 35 watts with 6L6 tubes with...

Bad Cat Amps "Luca" Jeffrey Kunde Signature Amp on RigShare

Bad Cat Luca is just that! The Luca has a simple single channel preamp based on the 12AX7 side of the Wild Cat. The Luca has a 40W EL34 based power section running in Class A. The control panel consists of the classic Bad Cat preamp: vol...

Bad Cat Amps "Stella" James Duke Signature Amp on RigShare

The simple single channel preamp is based on the EF86 side of the Wild Cat. It has a 40W, EL34 based power section, running in class A. The control panel consist of the classic Bad Cat preamp: volume, five-way selector, bass, treble, cut an...

Bad Cat Amps Classic Deluxe on RigShare

This is our take on the 20 watt, 6V6, Blackface circuit. It has a great full tone that's loud enough to get over your drummer or tame it for home use. This is a great pedal platform and is easy to dial in. The Classic Deluxe also comes equi...

Bad Cat Amps Lynx High-Gain Amp on RigShare

When we set out to build the best high gain amp on the market, we brought years worth of knowledge and tricks to the table combining them into an EL-34 based, Class A tonal powerhouse. The Lynx delivers unreal note articulation at full s...

Tyler Amps HM-30 on RigShare

Our take on the early Matchless DC30/Vox AC-30 style amps.

Travis Boothman

2 Rigs

Vox AC30/6 TB on RigShare

The Vox AC30TB and AC30TBX were the first amps produced by Vox during the Korg ownership era.

AJ Chiepalich
Thomas Redmond
Robert Titean

5 Rigs

Fender Blues Junior™ III on RigShare

A Longtime 15-watt Favorite The standard for gigging guitarists worldwide and the ideal amp for crafting your own signature sound. Working guitarists everywhere prize no-frills Hot Rod amps for their great volume, reliability, responsivene...

Adrian Ordonez
Andrew Lee
Podge Cross
Brady Anderson
Edvin Karls
Kyle Rodgers
Daniel Sulsh

12 Rigs

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