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Alexander Pedals Wavelength on RigShare

More. That’s the best way we can describe the sounds and features of the Wavelength. We took everything from our Waveland Multi-Modulator and blew it up larger than life, while keeping it the exact same size. We’ve added some welcome ...

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Neunaber Audio Expanse on RigShare

What is Expanse? It's a reverb, an echo, a shimmer and a chorus. It's all of these and more! Expanse can be programmed as any effect in Expanse Software: Reverb (Wet, hall, plate, spring, modulated); Shimmer; Echo, with/without reverb; C...

Niklas Wiegand
Daniel Shauger

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Latin Percussion Multi Guiro on RigShare

The LP Multi-Guiro has two textured sides and is filled with steel shot, allowing it to be used as a shaker. One of the textured surfaces has large raised grooves, similar to a Cuban guiro and the other features a finer texture for a more c...

Latin Percussion Multi-Gajate Bracket on RigShare

Developed in collaboration with Randy Lavvorn, this bracket allows you to mount up to three percussion items to the same pedal by simply lifting and rotating the center post. The three adjustable rods accommodate any 3/8" mountable percussi...

Latin Percussion Multi Guiro Ii on RigShare

The LP Multi-Guiro 2 is three instruments in one. One surface features large raised grooves, while the other side has a finer texture for tighter guiro sounds. The cylinder is filled with steel shot and has removable fill cap to adjust the ...

Gibson TGE-05 Echoplex Digital Pro Plus on RigShare

Phenomenally powerful and endlessly versatile, the Gibson TGE-05 Echoplex Digital Pro Plus is a tool looking for an imagination to wield it. The convenient 19" rackmount unit brings together digital recording, sampling, and digital delay so...

Gaetano Fontanazza

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TC Electronic TC 1210 on RigShare

The TC 1210 Spatial Expander + Stereo Chorus Flanger is the ultimate psycho-acoustic effect based on the Haas effect or the 'Principal of First Arrival'. Utilizing the technology of TC's world famous Stereo Chorus/Flanger Pedal, the TC ...

TC Electronic M3000 on RigShare

Essential Stereo Reverb Processor with Multi-Effects and Extensive Presets

Behringer Fx2000 Virtualizer 3D Digital Effects Processor on RigShare

Reverbs, delays, distortions, filters, EQs, dynamics, modulation, vocoders and more -- this Behringer FX processor packs in 71 algorithms to experiment with!

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